b.e. decors

Casual elegance, rustic tones

Lanada Chanel

I am a beach bum at heart. For the most part, the beach is a sacred place for me because it puts me at peace. With every beach experience, I take away a fondness and appreciation for the beautiful colors, hues and tones of beach settings I encounter during my walks along the shore.

Over the past 10 years, I learned to blend various coastal colors and earthtones together to create beautiful, peaceful living and work spaces.

In 2015, I decided to use this talent to launch my decorating business, b.e. decors. I use decorating as a way to help my clients experience in their home, the peace and comfort I get from being near the ocean. To symbolize this passion, the b.e. in b.e. decors stands for beachy-earthtones, as it represents the calming sea and sand colors I love to use many times when decorating.   
Now that I am helping others style their homes and work spaces, I've gained a sense of pride in my work, and understand the passion that drives me to put great care and detail into every project I complete.

"Thank you so very much Lanada! You knew just how to capture the true essence of what makes me feel at home. I returned from my vacation, only to find that you had created a personalized, stylish space that was comforting, done to my taste, and functional for entertaining."    
                                                       L. Watts - Decatur, GA