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Casual elegance, rustic tones

Our Sophisticated Zen Living & Work Spaces™ is our signature decorating space therapy service. 

It was created especially for the woman who needs a dedicated space of her own to relax or soothe her soul. A space to have her senses restored, to enjoy the breathe of life, or find balance and become renewed. A space to feel complete, substantiated and free, and to get refocused on life's most important matters.  

At b.e. decors, we believe that a well-balanced woman is a happier, better productive woman. We want to do our part in helping women achieve this balance and fulfilling freedom through this space theraphy service. 

The service includes:

  • A consultation - So we can learn your objectives for a Sophisticated Zen space creation and identify the best available space in your home for a zen living or work space arrangement. 
  • A detailed decorating proposal - So clients can select their preferred decor style, furniture and accessories purchase options.  
  • A decorated creation or shopping outline guide - Depending on the selected service, we either create a Sophisticated Zen space OR offer a shopping outline/guide that provides photos, decorating tips, style and arrangement suggestions to help the client create their own zen space.

We ALWAYS take our clients time and budget into consideration! 
Call us today to learn more about this life-changing decorating service.  
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